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Bill Mahony & Bridget Woods Kramer

Bhakti as Yoga August 11-12 2012

In this heart-centered workshop philosophy and asana will be woven together. Our sessions this weekend will consist of Bill’s talks on yoga philosophy, sutra study, discussion and meditation, and will include asana with Bridget. Meditation practices are woven into each session.

Bhakti as Yoga
Heart-centered spiritual practices can open us to the experience of love: for the world, for others, for ourselves, for life itself, and for the Source of this love. The complexities and possibilities of life’s journey give us an opportunity to strengthen, deepen, clarify and express these feelings. In this workshop we will focus on some of the characteristics and  possibilities of a yogic life informed by spiritual love. To help us do this, Bill will lead us in reflecting on teachings from the Narada Bhakti Sutra, a 10th century yoga text from India, that can inform us as we refine our understanding of the love that can stand at the heart of a deep yogic practice. This is a wonderful set of teachings that can give us guidance regarding ways to cultivate higher levels of spiritual love and to bring that love forth in our own contemporary lives. Bridget will weave these teachings through our bodies, minds and hearts through asana sessions.

William K. Mahony, PhD, is an internationally admired scholar of yoga philosophy widely known for his warm, lively and compassionate teaching style that is accessible to contemporary yoga students at all levels. Among his many publications, Bill’s new book, “Exquisite Love: Heart-Centered Reflections on the Narada Bhakti Sutra,” has been published by Anusara Press. He is Professor of Religion and Chair of the Religion Department at Davidson College.

Bridget Woods Kramer is a certified Anusara teacher. She commenced her yoga practices in India in 1975 and embarked on an intense program of study to become a senior teacher. Bridget has concentrated on teaching yoga since 1988.  She is known for her dynamic style of teaching with close attention to alignment detail. She is very dedicated to her students and takes a personal interest in their progress. A strong personal practice enhances her ability to teach from experience. Bridget teaches regular Anusara classes, workshops and teacher trainings in the UK at both her studio in Truro, cornwall where she is based and at the main yoga studios in London.






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